Importance Of TQM In Education

TQM is a system cum concept for continuously improving the services and quality of products that is offered to the customers. Now the technologies related to transportation and communication has completely revamped the global economy with  national economic systems. In fact, the nations that do not follow the TQM can become non-competitive in ever changing scenarios. Let’s throw a light upon the potential benefits of TQM in the education system, including school, district and colleges:

 With the help of TQM, school or colleges can serve their primary customers including the students and employers in a more effective manner.

 TQM is an effective way of compensating the accountability requirements which are essential for education reform.

 Implementing a no fear TQM system with a sheer focus on continuous growth and improvement provides much more interest to students and teachers alike.  It  is much more effective than learning environment.

 Essentials of TQM in education

 There is a separate team of individuals that constantly work on improvements in a TQM school or college. They tend to provide much more than a healthy learning environment. Let’s see how they serve:

 Awareness and commitment

 It is a well accepted truth that each talented student requires a support from every faculty member in his or her development process. Well, there could be a various ways to support such students. Let’s say, there could a firm commitment from the school authorities that they will fully support TQM efforts so the outcome could be constructive.

 A Clear Mission

 If a  TQM  committee is established within the school premises then it is responsible to address the concerns like whether or not the school has a clear, customer-focused mission statement and effective functioning process. If the answer is negative then they have to figure out the viable solution, be it from local, state or national level.

An approach of system planning

Over the years, it has been observed that the traditional education system has a compartmentalized  approach.  Let’s say one teacher imparts English lesson and other one teaches the science. The science teacher is least bothering about developing that student’s skills to use English principles in drafting a technical report. Hence, it creates an urgent need for the improvement.

Switching Teaming  Hierarchy

Support is a decisive factor in success and failure of the TQM team. If  a task improvement team is  supported by administrators, supervisors, and department chairpersons, then there is a no scope of failure. A TQM team cannot achieve its potential without sufficient backing. A sheer coordination between task and improvement is necessary.

Master learning

The learning method is quite stereotyped now. Teachers follow the traditional pattern of teaching and testing. Whereas, a TQM alternative suggests teaching—checking– revised teaching—test. TQM method suggests retaughting in a different manner or style, so the students can learn it in an effective way.

Developing  TQM skills in students

TQM focuses improvement in general. This is the responsibility of every school to teach the student how to use TQM.  They can integrate TQM with existing curriculum or they can teach it separately. But, students must be unearthed about TQM properly.

A Transformation Plan

There is a sheer need of developing a plan that helps the staff in implementing TQM effectively, and establish a positive connection between the committee and the traditional supervisors. This also requires an active support from the school consultants.

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